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​One session is often enough to transform a presentation from mediocre ¨product-focused¨  to ´wow- this is what we are looking for´ response. You will be seen- once you frame your words - your vision- so that your ideal clients get you. As you speak- your audience will always be asking-


¨what´s in it for me?¨​


Don´t miss the opportunity to reach your ideal client because 1. you got stuck on the structure


Or maybe you don´t feel comfortable speaking to a camera without humans to connect to, or you are worried about what the mean girl in high school might comment- ¨you!? a life coach! Didn´t you wear braces and have a perm?​ Face your imposter´s syndrome by being clear about who you are, what you know and what you are not. Discover and embrace your Unique Selling Proposition and never again make a video selling to everyone - your clients must feel understood- that you can relate and help solve their problems.​​

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