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Our platform optimizes how you

Train, Retain, and Prepare people for change

Providing adaptability insights, tools, and access to an AQ Certified™ coach helps accelerate innovation, reduce burnout, improve wellbeing, and unlock greater team performance. Re-skill and develop your people by leveraging adaptability intelligence to strengthen your whole organizations' relationship with change.


Our Programs

Adapt or Die


Assess Their AQ

Interactive and engaging conversational assessment delivers personalized dashboard reports to each user covering 15 dimensions of adaptability.


Assess The Team

Highly customizable and filterable data reporting, highlighting team to increase efficiency and targeted development plans. Help Human resources make data-driven people decisions for better results.


Optimized Insights & Tools

Global benchmark data and actionable development activities directly inside the platform. See if your people have what it takes to deal with change.


Train The Dimensions

The A.C.E model measures "Ability", which consists of Grit, Unlearn, Mindset, Mental Flexibility, and Resilience. Up-skill your top talent.

The Mindset

You can learn the 3 steps to Adaptability IQ.  You can systematically deal better with change.

Welcome To Your LAB


Acknowledge change is needed.

This step is about evaluating what's causing the need for change, preparing yourself to make the change, and handling it in an open and candid matter.

To be successful at this step, you must openly obtain the perspective of others by asking questions about the situation as well as asking for positive and constructive feedback about how you might impact the change.

The perspectives and insight gained may not be what you want to hear--but hearing the hard things is critical in understanding how you need to adapt to the change with agility and effectiveness.


Take ownership of the situation.

It's natural that many people tend to resist change, but this apprehension can cause failure to occur when change is needed in order to win or survive.

It's imperative that you take accountability for the overall needed change. Own the fact that you will encounter some challenges and failures, but never lose sight of the goal while adjusting accordingly.

You must also operate on the principle that everyone involved is jointly accountable to get the right result, regardless of how little or how much an individual is accountable to deliver on.


Develop your action plan.

When identifying possible solutions to facilitate adaptation, it really comes down to asking one question, "What else can I (we) do?"

This one question is disruptive in nature and perfect in times of change. It breaks down silos between teams, inspires innovative solutions, and helps you assess when a risk must be taken.

When asking this question, it's important to understand that "what else" often means "think differently," not "do more."


do it
Execute the change.

The final step is execution, follow through, and staying accountable to your team.

Trust is built throughout this entire process, but it's here where you truly are accountable to one another to get the right result. Success will come by being honest, transparent, and not blaming one another.

The Adaptability Quotient is ultimately a variable in the equation of success, but has been frequently overlooked on account of not being well-understood, articulated, or broadcast to a wide-enough audience of business leaders.

Training and Keynote Speech

Invite a Motivational Humorist Speaker to wake up your teams. Funny, practical and transformational. Small group exercises can take people from observers to participants. Part workshop- part stories- are interactive entertaining experiences to shift their mindset.

Happy Clients

Victor H.

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"That was amazing. I didn't understand 100% but I cried. Amazing keynote speech Jess"

John H.

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"You are engaging, funny and vulnerable. Like a Brené Brown clown"

Tiziana B.

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"You light up the stage! You're so brave, funny and interesting. I'm inspired"

Janine D.

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"Her mission to help people connect, express themselves and feel appreciated, is remarkable"

Dave G.

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"Energetic, appropriately animated, entertaining with great content!"

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The keynote that encourages your team to face change with a curiosity and a "yet" mindset. Highly Interactive and engaging- audiences leave having experienced the LAB. From their seats they experience the 3 steps to adapting to change.

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