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When I was a kid, I wanted to be a garbage man. 

The feeling of freedom- no seatbelt; wind in my hair.


I knew people would be happy to see me when I would take their unwanted garbage away. 

Instead, I became a trainer of - you could call it- garbage removal- because as I lead people through the exercises- they become freer from the blocks of speaking authentically and with emotion.  

I get to use my intuition and 15 years of working, living abroad with all types of humans to influence people to accept themselves and do more and be more. Trained in Gestalt Psychotherapy for three years, a certified practitoner with the Applied Improvisation Network, a Linguist and an award winning speaker and evaluator.


I provoke you to be great with powerful learning experiences that show you your personality, your strengths and your blocks. The Serious Games provoke you to think, play, and on teams, unite by awakening individuals' and teams’ strengths. I help you unlock the door that blocks you from increased productivity by training a reproducible method and a ´make my partner look good´ mentality that builds strong, self-steering teams able to resolve their own issues and communicate effectively. 

Awarded Top Female Speaker in Europe 2022 and 5x State Champion of Public Speaking, I live to help women interrupt, get their ideas the attention they deserve and empower the introverts in a world of the loudest-most powerful one- gets the final word.

Honest and gluttonous, I go big or go home.

My keynote ¨Shift¨ focuses on the 3 steps to adaptability IQ. Adapt to people, stress or the future. Either way, change is coming faster and faster, and I help assess and train the mindset, mental flexibility, grit, and resilience and help you unlearn behaviors that help you not.

A volunteer hospital clown, Improvisation teacher and Devil's Advocate

I help you do the good you want to do in your world.

Who am I?

Devilish Advocate
Social Alchemist

The blond who lives on Linked


That's me

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