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Luis Alfonso Márquez
Regional Compliance Manager - Maersk

Highly recommended for corporate cross-cultural communication and negotiation skills. She coached me in English public speaking and assessed in content editing. Great eye for smooth sounding, natural English and an excellent ability to identify and correct mistakes. Communication sessions with Jessica become a deep learning experience, even funny and enjoyable. She shared her insights into cultural diversity and provided different approaches in dealing with complex organizations. A trusted communication coach



Yashir Hezaveh
Astrophysicist, Stanford

Jessica is an amazing human bring full of positive energy. Most importantly, she's a person that I can connect with almost instantaneously. She's curious and open minded, and real source of joy. She's a truly wonderful person and I have learned many things from her. 


Mazin Al Kharusi
Project Engineer at Oman Investment Fund 

We were both ambassadors on a scholarship in Japan and I learned from her communication skills. She's an energetic person with a beautiful smile. She makes everyone feel comfortable while discussing with her. An open minded person with a wonderful positive vibe and a serious take on any project she is handling. When she comes on stage, she literally owns it and makes everyone pay full attention to her performance. 


Mohamed Maher
Sales Engineer at Schneider Electric

We benefitted from Jess' classes in Cairo. She was able to communicate clearly, adapt to our culture and was charming and accepted by us immediately. She taught English for a year in Cairo, Egypt in 2008 and since then has taught many others in Brazil, India, Germany and Canada. I can recommend her as an intercultural specialist.


Arthur de Niet, MSc
President of Toastmasters, Shell IT International

Shell ToastMasters in The Hague participated in a fun & dynamic session on "Adaptability Intelligence." Energetic & engaging- Jess got the full attention of the entire audience from the moment she started. What I liked about Jessica is her ability to connect in seconds with her audience and make them do whatever she tells them and- on the fly- teach them a thing or two about improving communication and relationships. It was really fun, insightful and we will no doubt hear more about this remarkable lady in the future


Tulia Lopes
Author, Leading in High Heels 

I attended Jessica's workshop at the Toastmasters International Conference in Genova, Italy, last April 2019 and I was very pleased about the way Jessica led us (a group of 30+ attendees) to get fully engaged with her exercises on "Applied Improvisation", and not only that, also truly enjoy it. As a trainer myself I know how challenging can it be to have the whole room to interact dynamically, and she did it very well. Plus, the topic on "Applied Improvisation" is something every professional should try to get involved with as it brings many benefits for team playing. Get in touch with Jessica, and have a try.

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