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Your team isn’t using its full potential.


I help you understand your team members´ real strengths.

Imagine an Engaged and Happy Virtual Team


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You need a team who wants to work together and dedicate to the project. Less sick leave, less time wasted. Exchanging vital, timely information and sharing information is key. 

They want to work with people they like. Communication skill lab. Learn communication by doing. 


There is a method that helps you get Buyin to being a team- much faster- so the participants engage and collaborate faster and with trust. I give the team exercises that force them to work together as a team, to be collaborative and to create together. I use a serious game to reframe problems suited to the situation and skill your team needs.

Adaptability Intelligence is an Emotional Intelligence skill which I can train to you in 3 steps- which you can immediately feel the changes in your participants´attitudes´ and the rapport they feel. They will waste less time in meetings, they will share critical information and feel more motivated to make things go smoothly. This training teaches them 3 things. 1) the team is above self 2) trust your partner 3) Accept their offer and add your enthusiasm and expertise.


As an Applied Improvisation Practitioner, I can lead your group to be more agile, flow and laugh as a team. Our 6-week programs ensure their new attitude and habits as a more emotionally intelligent, collaborative team stick. We have 100s of trainers around the world and offer hybrid trainings that get results. They will discover their strengths in their communications styles by doing- not by filling out a personality test. In Play- the real personality comes out. This is training like you have never seen before. Dynamic, interactive and leading edge neurobiological training techniques. I don´t give them a fish- I show them how to fish- powerpoint not necessary.

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Culturally Intelligence Teams That Create Rapport With Clients

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