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Weekend Workshops: How to create Rapport quickly

This weekend is showtime. All year we have been online zooming and this weekend I lead workshops on how to connect through humanness and humor.

Four conferences will feature opportunites for you to check in, share stories and laughter with Toastmasters members around the world.

I am pleased that you have subscribed. If any of you are curious to see how enaging Zoom workshops can be- do not hesitate to check out the events list on my homepage.

I post a lot about trust on teams, humor and your fulfilling career and how to get there- on Linkedin- if you want to connect- please do so on Linkedin or give me a shout for your fifteen-minute discovery session.

It has been a busy Corona year and I am happy to announce this is my second newsletter from my website--- I was busy making videos and moving countries.

Now in Barcelona, after having moved to Canada and Berlin- I am pleased to announce many new programs- including Coaching Circles and Mastermind groups for entrepreneurs and women who need more Bravery.

If you want a laugh and rethink--- head over to

Jessica Breitenfeld on Youtube and hit suscribe.

Thanks for being an early adopter- You are in the first fifty to have signed up for my newsletter- Thank you- In my first year of this company- I have to say- I wouldn´t have been able to achieve any of my awards and successes without the support of people who have encouraged me.

Thank you and I hope to see your smiley face tonight or tomorrow at the Chicago conference where I give my keynote- How to Get Untired- the mindset to change how you see the world.

Jessica Breitenfeld

Engage Communications Training


Join Jessica to learn "a couple of secrets" on how to create rapport tonight at 21:30 cest


Keynote speech: Chicago´s annual conference May 15, 16

Jessica will lead you through a powerful mix of focused serious games and fantastic questions with a mindset that will change how you see the world. 21:30 cest


Speed friending, Story telling, The Rule of three and Game room. Gala night at Boston´s conference. 2am cest


Practice the Rule of Three with new friends from Eastern Europe to improve your laugh to groan ration.

Sunday 11cest

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